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        Development History of Access Control
        出入口門禁系統顧名思義就是對出入口通道進行管制的系統,它是在傳統的門鎖基礎上發展而來的。傳統的機械門鎖僅僅是單純的機械裝置,無論結構設計多么合理,材料多么堅固,人們總能用通過各種手段把它打開。在出入人很多的通道(像辦公室,酒店客房)鑰匙的管理很麻煩,鑰匙丟失或人員更換都要把鎖和鑰匙一起更換。為了解決這些問題,就出現了電子磁卡鎖,電子密碼鎖,這兩種鎖的出現從一定程度上提高了人們對出入口通道的管理程度,使通道管理進入了電子時代,但隨著這兩種電子鎖的不斷應用,它們本身的缺陷就逐漸暴露,磁卡鎖的問題是信息容易復制,卡片與讀卡機具之間磨損大,故障率高,安全系數低。密碼鎖的問題是密碼容易泄露,又無從查化糞池模具 精密鑄造 鋼纖維 鹽水注射機 風電基礎模具 nsk軸承經銷商 nsk軸承總代理 保定空調移起,安全系數很低。同時這個時期的產品由于大多采用讀卡部分(密碼輸入)與控制部分合在一起安裝在門外,很容易被人在室外打開鎖。這個時期的門禁系統還停留在早期不成熟階段,因此當時的門禁系統通常被人稱為電子鎖,應用也不廣泛。
        As the name implies, the access control system is a system that controls access. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks. The traditional mechanical door lock is only a simple mechanical device, no matter how reasonable the structure design and material are, people can always open it by various means. The key management of access channels (such as offices and hotel rooms) with a large number of visitors is very troublesome. If the key is lost or personnel are replaced, the lock and key should be replaced together. In order to solve these problems, the emergence of electronic magnetic card lock and electronic password lock has improved people's management of access passage to a certain extent and brought the channel management into the electronic era. However, with the continuous www.gangsisheng.org.cnwww.chongmianji.com.cnwww.chuanxianguan.com.cnwww.yinfengji.com.cnwww.hongganjixie.com.cn www.shusongji.net.cnapplication of these two electronic locks, their own shortcomings are gradually exposed. The problem of magnetic card lock is that information is easy to copy, card and card reader. The wear between the equipments is large, the failure rate is high, and the safety factor is low. The problem with password locks is that passwords are easy to leak, and there is no way to find them out. The security factor is very low. At the same time, most of the products in this period are installed outside the door by reading cards (password input) and control parts, which makes it easy for people to open locks outdoors. In this period, the access control system still stayed in the early immature stage, so the access control system at that time was usually called electronic lock, and was not widely used.


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